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Hello there, welcome to my ramblings. This is my journey into becoming a full time artist, my yarn frenzies and travels around the country with the girls and sometimes pets too.


It’s for Kids

I must admit putting this down on paper and out there on the web was a bit nerve wracking. Not only because saying it out loud makes it real and that’s pretty scary but I have seen so many great ideas used & completed quicker leaving the original owner feeling like they failed in some way. There is room for many ideas in this world and much help is needed if we are to save the animals and this planet from the constant onslaught from all areas, and no I am not going down that political road 🙂 and the great thing is I am seeing more and more of the same ideas out there now, people are coming together especially the art world. Artists Rock!

So I have had this idea of creating a book of animals that are on the endangered list for many years now. Its something I feel strongly about but wasn’t sure if it was something I could accomplish on my own, you know that whole am I good enough, will people like it thing or if it would hold enough value to help. It has gone from an A-Z to only those on certain continents its been all over the place in my head and filled many a post it note and notebook. So the ideas sat on a back burner for some time.

Endangered Species Hawksbill Turtle
Harry Hawksbill

While talking to my children awhile back I mentioned it would be great to use the book to create funds to donate to animal protection and that it would be fantastic to get it under the noses of the next generations. Along comes the idea for a children’s book instead, and of course adults will maybe read to the child so all bases hit. And you know what…doubt be damned! Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.

In the end I picked a total of 20 endangered animals and have collected some information on each of them so I can put some stats into the book. I will be writing a small story for each animal and each will have their own names, the mock up sketches are on the way to being started and  put together. The images for the book will be created in Ink & Watercolour, I am not going for my usual very realistic look I want it to be more loose and partial images of course some fun too. So far I have 2 finished and 1 almost completed. Say Hi to Harry Hawksbill and Becky Bactrian. I am so happy I took this off the back burner, I am enjoying hunting (in a good way) for animals and the thought that I can give back is a wonderful feeling.

Endangered Species Bactrian Camel
Becky Bactrian

Once I have all of the images and the stories written I will look into funding to get the book printed. The idea is to sell the book and take a portion of the proceeds and donate towards several animal charities. I am also working on the same idea but with the local shelters where % can be donated and they can also have books to sell so they can raise money and awareness as well.

The images themselves will also be available as prints maybe even as Stickers, Tshirts and Book Covers etc.


I have seen so much lately on what’s going on with our environment and wildlife that I am having a hard time understanding the onslaught on all our natural resources. Does no one understand that every thing on this planet must work together, not destroy. Sometimes I feel like just getting off grid and leaving society behind…

Rhino drawing

I’d been working on some small doodles for a few days and trying to avoid the news & I suddenly got this urge do a large drawing. I usually stick to smaller sizes, not sure why but I really felt like I needed to do a large format piece. As I don’t really have any large pieces of paper around except some large pastel and watercolour paper I decided to use one of them. So I chose a grey watercolour paper.


The image of the Rhino is one that really spoke to me. I had taken some photos last year at wildlife parks the expression is always one of sadness or maybe that’s just how I feel when I see them.



At first I started with pencils/graphite to block in my image and the plan was to use them throughout. But they just didn’t work on this paper. I started working more areas in the charcoal. I rarely use charcoal but I was loving this. The face on this giant beast is so sweet, the intelligence in its eyes.


It took me a couple of weeks with all of those wrinkles but I was very happy with the results. Not sure what I will do with image, I have gone back and forth between donating it but there isn’t much around here for that and trying to sell it to donate the money to some wildlife program. I am sure it will come to me.


I have taken advantage of some of the warms days at home. I plopped a chair outside in the garden and have been sketching the neighbours yards and houses.

There are some wonderful trees right out front, the conker tree is my fav. And my landlord has this old truck just left to meld into the yard.

I’m getting some great practice with trees and ink. I use the ink right away I don’t lay down any pencil sketch first. Training my eye and learning a new tool. I use some of theses images for my watercolours which I’m loving working with this medium. The weather has turned it’s getting to cold to be out but I have lots of images to play with.

People always say you need a ‘style’ a ‘niche’ I have always struggled with this. I love art it’s all I want to do but I’ve never had a style. Recently I’ve given all this a lot of thought, the one thing about no job, you have lots of time to think.

I’ve been trying to do a painting, sketch or even doodle everyday. I know I’d like to make a living from my art but I really want to give back as well. What do I feel strongly about, what do I love and where do I feel the most happy. It suddenly hit me…..Nature. I can’t express what being outside in nature feels like. It’s so calming, I feel at peace when I’m outside.

With the FB, instagram and Twitter posts lately I’ve noticed people react to my nature and wildlife art in a positive way more so than other items and as it’s truly the thing I enjoy doing most it just makes sense.

So that’s it, my thing, my style/niche. Nature & wildlife art and find a way to use it to create awareness to what we’re doing to planet. I suddenly feel like it really is going to be okay and this is what I was meant to do.