Wildlife Art

It’s for Kids

I must admit putting this down on paper and out there on the web was a bit nerve wracking. Not only because saying it out loud makes it real and that’s pretty scary but I have seen so many great ideas used & completed quicker leaving the original owner feeling like they failed in some way. There is room for many ideas in this world and much help is needed if we are to save the animals and this planet from the constant onslaught from all areas, and no I am not going down that political road 🙂 and the great thing is I am seeing more and more of the same ideas out there now, people are coming together especially the art world. Artists Rock!

So I have had this idea of creating a book of animals that are on the endangered list for many years now. Its something I feel strongly about but wasn’t sure if it was something I could accomplish on my own, you know that whole am I good enough, will people like it thing or if it would hold enough value to help. It has gone from an A-Z to only those on certain continents its been all over the place in my head and filled many a post it note and notebook. So the ideas sat on a back burner for some time.

Endangered Species Hawksbill Turtle
Harry Hawksbill

While talking to my children awhile back I mentioned it would be great to use the book to create funds to donate to animal protection and that it would be fantastic to get it under the noses of the next generations. Along comes the idea for a children’s book instead, and of course adults will maybe read to the child so all bases hit. And you know what…doubt be damned! Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.

In the end I picked a total of 20 endangered animals and have collected some information on each of them so I can put some stats into the book. I will be writing a small story for each animal and each will have their own names, the mock up sketches are on the way to being started and  put together. The images for the book will be created in Ink & Watercolour, I am not going for my usual very realistic look I want it to be more loose and partial images of course some fun too. So far I have 2 finished and 1 almost completed. Say Hi to Harry Hawksbill and Becky Bactrian. I am so happy I took this off the back burner, I am enjoying hunting (in a good way) for animals and the thought that I can give back is a wonderful feeling.

Endangered Species Bactrian Camel
Becky Bactrian

Once I have all of the images and the stories written I will look into funding to get the book printed. The idea is to sell the book and take a portion of the proceeds and donate towards several animal charities. I am also working on the same idea but with the local shelters where % can be donated and they can also have books to sell so they can raise money and awareness as well.

The images themselves will also be available as prints maybe even as Stickers, Tshirts and Book Covers etc.