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The weather has finally turned. I do so enjoy sunshine and fresh breezes. With the sun my energy level starts to rise and I feel the urge to ‘do’. Among the usual clean the yard and start the garden I wanted to set up a small area for a studio.
Took a long time to move everything around in my bedroom. This was the room I chose, it’s small place and there was no where else to put it. I like a clutter less room, but how to achieve studio and keep a calm clean room.
I took a space near the window for natural light. I had an old bakers shelf unit, added some pots and baskets on the shelves for pencils etc.
next I took a piece of clear plexiglass and I can set it at angle for working and best part I can get a light under it to use as a light table.
It’s a small spot, but I love it and its my own little studio.
Now to create……



I have reached a short road block in my endeavor of one a week sketches. Life just keeps getting in the way. My current job is far from creative and I feel that burn out from it.
I was sitting at my desk sketchpad in front of me trying to come up with a creative idea any idea. As i sat playing with the pen and paper i remembered when I was a child I constantly doodled and drew on things. My dad and I used to play this game where we would draw squiggles and make it look like something, it was both game and contest. This always helped me in my thought process. So for the past few days I’ve been a squiggling like crazy, one of those darn squiggles will be an idea. In the mean time the memory of dad is making me feel pretty darn good.

Had a good day wandering around an Arts & Crafts festival today. So many craftspeople and artists/artisans. The blast to the eyes and brain was great. The ideas were flowing, I used be one big flood of ideas. I could never get anything done from my mind going crazy jumping from one project to next. Not lately, lucky if I have one at all.
I, like most work and this particular job is with some very negative and un-creative people. As hard as one tries this environment does succeed in taking you over. This is one reason behind the blog. If I can force myself to write and maintain the one sketch a week the hope is to turn back the hands of time. It also helps that both my children are trying to get into creative fields, this fresh blast is invigorating. And all the artists I see writing blogs and showing their art and creative process is fantastic.
Had some photos developed and will get some more sketches going. I have finished one recently I need to post that I quite like, not fond of last weeks needs a little something.